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We gather for a Worship Service in-person at the Chapel (2700 W 14th Street) at 11:00 A.M. on Sunday, March 31st, 2024 – EASTER SUNDAY/ RESURRECTION SUNDAY.

Join us for an EASTER BRUNCH before worship. Brunch is at 10:00 A.M. You may bring a dish to share for Brunch (optional) – but join us for a meal of celebration and community!

Then at 11:00 A.M. join us for an EASTER WORSHIP celebration – a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our new life in the reign of God.

To join us at the Chapel, buzz Zion Church (Bob Bucklew) from the Directory at the front of the 2700 Building on the campus of San Sofia apartments or enter from the accessible ramp from the rear parking lot. When you arrive, call Bob at 216-375-5323 to open the parking lot gate.

The Easter Sunday bulletin is attached. Please feel free to use it to follow along with our worship service– or use it as a devotional.

The Focus Scripture Reading is Mark 16:1-8

Mark’s account of the resurrection, according to scholars, is the earliest, and it’s also the shortest. Because it is so brief, and ends with no sighting of Jesus, there are later additional endings in most of our Bibles. In Mark’s account, the sun had already risen but it was early, and Mary Magdalene and another Mary went to the tomb, wondering who might be up to roll the stone back from the tomb so they could anoint Jesus’ body. However, when they arrived, they found the stone had already been rolled back. They entered the tomb and discovered a young person dressed in white, who told them, “Do not be amazed.” Jesus wasn’t there; he had been raised. The two women were told to go and tell the disciples and Peter that Jesus would go ahead of them to Galilee, but they fled from the tomb and said nothing to anyone out of fear. The rest of the story is left to us, to know that at some point, their fear left them, and they did go and tell the others. We might ask ourselves the question—are we acting out of fear, or out of hope? If we are afraid, when will we overcome our fear—or when will we act despite our fear?

Our Choir of Barbara Rossington, Keith Konet, and Bob Bucklew, accompanied by our Music Director & Pianist, Adam Petrosino, will present the hymn, “When the Green Blade Rises.”

Sermon/Reflection:Taking Easter Slowly” by the Rev. Scott Rosenstein, based on the reading of Mark 16:1-8.

May the Lord Jesus fill all your hearts with peace, hold you in his love, and bless you with his grace. May the blessings of the Lord shine upon you this Easter season and always!

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Scott Rosenstein
216-273-7561 – church
216-577-1514 – mobile

Bulletin Cover Image:
Easter Sunday Art Tomb Buster
Stushie Art Church bulletin covers and other art by artist Stushie.
Unique crayon and digital worship art
(A Scottish pastor ministering in East Tennessee)