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We gather for a Worship Service on this Sunday, June 4th, 2023, in person at the Chapel (2700 W 14th Street) and via the Zoom platform (online and by phone) at 11:00 A.M.

To join us at the Chapel, buzz Zion Church (Bob Bucklew) from the Directory at the front of the 2700 Building on the campus of San Sofia apartments or enter from the accessible ramp from the rear parking lot. When you arrive, call Bob at 216-375-5323 to open the parking lot gate.

We will be celebrating Holy Communion together on Sunday. If you are joining us in the Chapel, the elements of bread and cup will be provided for you. If you are joining us online or by phone, we encourage you to gather simple elements in advance of the service and join us!

The Sunday Bulletin is attached in PDF format. You may use it to follow along with the service on Zoom or you may use it as a devotional during the week.

A Note about Trinity Sunday and Language about God

On Trinity Sunday we remember with solemnity and praise the foundation in which we live and worship throughout the year. Trinity Sunday is the Sunday after Pentecost. We are invited to encounter God as Three in One. The use of the Triune formula connects the church today with the historic church, born in the struggle of Christians throughout generations to express their beliefs about God in God’s Very Being. The language ties together the churches of this generation in our ecumenical life, especially in the Sacrament of Baptism. The traditional language for the Trinity is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For many, however, the traditional language is a hindrance to the intimacy of their relationship with God. They note in particular that the tradition incorporates only male language for God, and seek to incorporate other images, which point to broader understandings of the substance and characteristics of the Holy Mystery, which is our Triune God. “Giver, Gift, and Holy Spirit”; “Maker, Lover, Keeper”; Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit”; “Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God, Mother of All” – are some other Trinitarian images drawn from prayerful, scriptural reflection.

The Trinity is a mystery, as is the work of the Holy Spirit, Wisdom among us. “The fear of God is the beginning of understanding,” Psalm 110:10 teaches us, but fear is better translated here as “awe.” It is that trembling sense of awe at the might and wonder of God. This is the beginning of wisdom. This is the beginning of our understanding of God as three-in-one, Triune. It is a mystery how God created the universe, how God became known to us in the person of Jesus Christ, and how God moves in and within us in the work of the Spirit. It is a mystery that we can come to know God through history and teaching and Scripture, but also through nature, and our own experience that leads us to understanding.

Zion’s Administrative Assistant, Beverly Wurm
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The Scripture Readings for Sunday, June 4th, 2023 are:

First Reading: Genesis 1:1-2:4a

On Trinity Sunday, we begin with the first story of Creation in Genesis, where God refers to themselves in the plural, creating everything, including all of humanity. There is a sense of equality and equilibrium in God’s intentions for creation, and that humanity’s dominion over the earth is mirrored in God’s dominion over everything, for in the image of God, God created humanity. Even with the creation of sabbath, there is a balance of work and rest. Light and dark, sky and water, dry earth and plants, sun and moon/stars, creatures of the water and creatures of the sky, then creatures of the land and human beings. The work of creation also happens when resting and finding joy in it. While the primary focus of God in this text is of God the Creator, there is also the wind from God that swept over the waters, often thought of as the Holy Spirit. And perhaps in creating humanity in the image of God, as Christians, we can imagine Christ present already (John 1:1-5; see also Proverbs 8:22-31 for Wisdom’s presence at the beginning of creation).

Psalm Response: Psalm 8

Psalm 8 is a song of praise to God, a song full of wisdom in asking the ancient question, “who are we compared to almighty God?” The psalmist looked up at the stars and asked the same question we often do—in the vastness of the universe, what are human beings? Yet God has made us a little lower than divine. God has given us dominion over the earth the way God has dominion over us. If we are to “fear God”—which is better understood as trembling awe—then we will do our very best in caring for creation the way God cares for us. God is Sovereign over all the earth.

Second Reading: 2 Corinthisans 13:11-13

2 Corinthians 13:11-13 are the final verses of this letter, in which Paul encourages the church in Corinth to listen to what he has said, especially on the financial appeal for the church in Jerusalem, and to live in peace. His final benediction also includes one of the few instances of Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit listed together in a blessing, fitting for this Trinity Sunday.

Gospel Reading: Matthew 28:16-20

The Gospel lesson is known as the Great Commission, the final message from Jesus in the Gospel according to Matthew. Even as the disciples experienced the risen Christ, some doubted, yet Jesus called all of them to go into the world and make disciples. Disciple means student. They, and we, are to go into the world to teach everything that Jesus taught us. Far too often that message has been simplified into a message of being saved from sin and hell for eternal life, rather than how we are to live in this world—as last of all, servant of all, working as peacemakers, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and so on. Jesus taught them to baptize in the name of Abba God/Creator, the Only Begotten/Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to remember that Jesus is always with us, until the end of time.

The Sermon/Reflection: “The Transformative Beauty of the Triune God” by the Rev. Scott Rosenstein

Please join the Zion Church community to give thanks to God this Sunday, in-person in the Chapel, or via Zoom!

Pastor Scott Rosenstein
216-273-7561 – church
216-577-1514 – mobile

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